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Independent and impartial, with integrity and expertise.

My name is Igor Stefanyuk, I’m an IT expert. I live and love IT, which is why I’ve been working in software development for over 20 years, supporting clients from different industries with their challenges and IT-related issues. My client portfolio includes both small and medium-sized businesses as well as large German-based corporations – I support each and every one with enthusiasm and expertise.

And for those particularly challenging tasks, as a certified IT Expert (Systems and Applications), I offer the ideal combination of objective and professional competence as well as the experience needed to identify the perfect solution to your problem. As an independent, objective and reliable business partner, my clients can count on me to handle any phase of their IT workflows. Whether for operations and project support, valuation assessment for IT projects, as an independent participant in mediation, arbitration and conciliation proceedings or in the testing and assessment of IT products and services - I'm a confident partner by your side.

Now let’s talk about the challenges facing you. How can I help?

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Our lives are becoming increasingly networked. Digitalisation, Industry 4.0, agile working, artificial intelligence and the IoT are making science fiction a part of everyday life. We work as remote teams and learn to harness disruptive technologies such as deep learning, quantum computers or Blockchain. Rapid automation is completely changing the world of work. We are constantly looking for new means of working in a more agile, dynamic way. This transformation is far from complete: many businesses are right in the middle of the process whilst others are just starting their journey- and only a select few have already finished.

This change is occurring in many areas of German industry: automotive, chemicals, toolmaking and mechanical engineering, electronics, food and medicine, chemicals, automotive and telecommunications.

Thank goodness someone’s got your back to help you figure out this complex IT ecosystem, translating issues that are difficult to understand or that you’ve never come across before into simple terms – and not just into German. After all, you can’t expect to know everything yourself. Let me be your expert IT guide on your voyage into the digital world – bringing both national and international expertise into the equation.

Your competent partner for challenging tasks and effective solutions.

When to contact me as your IT expert

As an IT expert with certification, I’m not only contacted by clients to handle their complex IT issues but also whenever a professionally qualified independent expert is required to provide an independent assessment of an event or current situation. I analyze and evaluate the issue in question, writing an assessment that is also accompanied by a report or statement explaining the facts in a simple, easily comprehensible manner.

According to your needs, I will provide you with reliable, impartial advice to guide you through a wide range of IT-related matters, beginning of course by outlining the services that an IT expert would perform for your business.

How I can help you as an IT expert

As the specialist for specialists, I can support you, for example, with challenging issues related to IT service providers or Internet agencies. I can also perform an assessment of your online shop or mobile application, help you with web projects or legal matters and analyze the performance, effectiveness or technical implementation of your website, CRM application or custom software solution.

Whenever you need to tap into some independent professional knowledge and advice, or feel you’ve somehow hit a dead end that you can’t see your way out of, I can give you the confidence booster that you need for your IT projects.

As a certified IT service provider, I work independently, expertly and impartially for clients based in Germany. I also represent German service providers and suppliers when problems arise with their own clients, for example, and independent expert advice is called for.

When things get tough, I’m here to provide independent expert support. For example in the following areas:

  • Concept analysis and evaluation, feasibility checks for your IT projects and planning support for IT projects or start-ups
  • Independent consulting, recommended when service providers are commissioned to create complex software solutions, for example, as well as advising on websites and online shops, mobile applications and data interfaces
  • Professional support and guidance during all execution phases of projects managed for IT specialists or software service providers and their clients - from planning and conceptualization to implementation and final client approval
  • Supporting international IT service providers on outsourcing projects and the specialized technical coordination of clients or customers based in Germany
  • The assessment of predefined work orders as well as the final approval and implementation of agreed processes. I evaluate whether all contract specifications have been adhered to
  • The establishment of facts for use as evidence or the evaluation of the current status quo, also for intangible items or goods such as IT/software projects
  • The identification and documentation of negligence during project management
  • The testing and evaluation of IT products and services as well as the inspection and evaluation of IT systems or the valuation of IT system assets in the operational environment
  • Support with final project approvals or the certification of processes and IT products
  • Valuation, e.g. current value, residual value, trunk value, earning capacity value or market value,
  • Ratings required for financing purposes or for the purchase/sale/takeover of your business or one of its divisions
  • An independent, objective point of view as required during legal disputes
  • Damage assessment or the determination of the cause of damage

How we would work together on a project

Consistently accurate, competent and straightforward, that’s my pledge. However I’d be happy to outline how I would handle your individual assignment, or how to go about commissioning my expert appraisal, giving you a confidence boost for your next steps.

The following points are clarified at the beginning of our collaboration:

  1. The facts: in order for me to acquire full knowledge of your case, it is important to learn what happened when, where, how and with whom.
  2. Reason for assessment: we discuss the required appraisal in detail. Any powers of attorney required for inspection and/or for presentation to authorities or any parties involved can be provided during subsequent meetings.
    As your chosen expert, I am responsible for all necessary research, investigations, calculations and assessments.
  3. Conditions of the contract and independent assessor fees: the content of the contract may vary from case to case, depending for example on deadlines, scope, purpose of the expert appraisal, agreed remuneration and applicable third party fees. Clear details will be provided.


These are generally the next steps following our initial consultation:

  1. Issues: Together we’ll discuss in detail the issues to be covered by the expert assessment
  2. You will also be informed which documents are required and therefore need to be provided, e.g. system specifications, specification sheets, acceptance reports, documentation, quotes or invoices from service providers, etc.
  3. An onsite assessment of facts will then be prepared; photographs may be taken as evidence, this may even be required before our first meeting
  4. Now begins an intensive phase during which the assessment report is drawn up, requiring research and investigation, calculation and evaluation, comparison and analysis as well as review and validation on the basis of all available information. Once this has been completed, solutions are identified and validated, after which the expert appraisal is compiled and edited in accordance with strict guidelines
  5. The completed appraisal is dated, signed and then handed to the client, following which you can ask any related questions. Any errors or inaccuracies identified are also corrected at this stage
  6. The final version of my report is then approved by you, the client

An experienced partner who knows the world of IT inside and out is essential for the evaluation and assessment of IT projects in Germany. With my certified services in and for the German-speaking market, you benefit from tried and tested expertise, added security and excellent service quality, all from one provider.

Call me on +49 152 234 86 756
send an email to info@stm4.expert

Contact me today to book your complementary, non-binding phone consultation.

Where integrity and maturity meet expertise and experience.

That’s where specialists find their own specialist for extra support and expertise.

I make sure that my clients can always rely on me as an individual, as well as on my services. After all, it’s not always easy to get objectivity, economic or institutional independence and impartiality all rolled into one. Especially not when it comes to complex IT-related issues and decisions for German-based companies, service providers or corporations. With an unbiased opinion of the assessment subject.

This is where I like to be particularly meticulous: I'm right there for you, objectively checking every detail for flaws or anomalies. I notice, check and document even the smallest error. Because diligence is a virtue in this line of work.

Expert appraisals carried out by certified IT professionals stand for the highest quality and enjoy an excellent reputation and credibility. As a documentation of status quo they often form the basis of legal assessment for the preparation of successful litigation or an amicable out-of-court settlement.

Choose me as your troubleshooter and I’ll work tirelessly to resolve disputes or technical glitches, shedding light on complex concepts as your independent, down-to-earth technical consultant, according to my motto…    

Give help where help is needed.

Contact information

Dipl.-Ing. Igor Stefanyuk
Certified IT Expert,
(Systems and Applications)

Rubäckerstraße 7
78554 Aldingen

Tel.: +49 152 234 86 756
Email: info@stm4.expert

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